Torn Hymen Not Just Because of Sex, Doctor Reveals Other Causes — The virginity test is again a hot topic of discussion among social media residents. In addition to a number of parties who assess the virginity test as a means of measuring the integrity of the hymen, health practitioners assert that the virginity test is unclear because it is not scientifically based.

“There is a theory that says that while still in the womb or shortly after birth (the function of the hymen) is to protect the vagina as a baby, but then in adulthood it is not known what its function is,” explained health practitioner Dr. Putri Widi Saraswati in an online discussion some time ago.

Furthermore, Dr. Putri emphasized that the integrity of the hymen cannot determine whether a woman has had sexual intercourse or not. In other words, a virginity test is not the right way to know a woman’s sexual life.

Hymen is not just torn because of sex

Especially considering that hymen is damaged not only from sexual intercourse, but can also be caused by other activities such as falling or cycling. When viewed from the realm of sexual and reproductive health, a virginity test is a violation of the integrity of the body.

“There are even people who also break their hymen when they fall or ride a bicycle. There are also those who have had sex their hymen is not torn,” said Dr. Putri.

“Virginity test is not something scientific because it measures something that is not clear, very varied, and the possibility of making mistakes, the conclusion is not correct,” he continued.

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