The Story of a Pancreatic Cancer Sufferer Who Successfully Cured

The Story of a Pancreatic Cancer Sufferer Who Successfully Cured — The Story of a Pancreatic Cancer Sufferer Who Successfully Cured. Pancreatic cancer cases are less common than breast cancer or cervical cancer. I didn’t know about this disease at first until the doctor diagnosed me with stage two pancreatic cancer. This is my story as a pancreatic cancer patient fighting this disease.

I thought it was just an ulcer, but it’s not getting better

I’m Desi Sulastri, a 46 year old housewife. As a pancreatic cancer survivor, I would like to share this experience with other cancer fighters.

This experience started about six years ago. At that time I often had stomach pain. As a spicy food lover, I think this is normal. I don’t know if I have an ulcer or it hurts because of the spicy food I eat.

“Take the medicine and it will heal later,” I muttered to myself at that time.

Unfortunately, my guess was wrong. The pain didn’t get better, it just got worse. Because I could not stand the pain anymore, I decided to see a doctor.

Even though I have taken the medicine given, my condition is still not getting better. My symptoms are getting worse.

Not only pain in the stomach, I also experienced nausea, vomiting, and unbearable pain around the solar plexus. The condition that then made me lose consciousness due to extreme pain. I finally entered the ER for immediate treatment.

During the back and forth of treatment, I had an endoscopy to look for problems in my digestive tract. But the results showed no problems whatsoever.

Then, I also had a CT scan. Through this examination, a problem with my digestive organs was detected. I have fatty liver, excessive buildup of weakness and an infection in the liver.

This condition then made my stomach swell and form a lump of fat at the bottom of the right breast. To suppress the symptoms, doctors prescribe cholesterol drugs.

But who would have thought, during the examination, the doctor found another disease. A disease that I never imagined I would experience.

“Mom, it looks like you have a tumor in your pancreas. I referred to Dharmais Cancer Hospital, yes,” said the doctor who treated my condition. Immediately my body went limp hearing it.

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At that time, I did not know anything about the pancreas organ, but I understood that it was tumor and the word “cancer” at the hospital that was referred. A dangerous disease that can take lives. A feeling of fear immediately enveloped my heart.

The doctor said, I have pancreatic cancer

Even though I was worried, I was curious and found out for myself an explanation regarding the keywords tumor in the stomach and cancer. After reading various articles online, the fear and anxiety became more intense.

Several articles that I read said that the chances of survival for people with pancreatic cancer are quite small, especially if the condition is severe. That means, if it is true that I have this disease, then my time on earth will not be long.

My first son who saw this immediately grabbed the phone and advised me not to find out any further. “Come on, Mama, don’t look at this again,” said my son because he saw the anxiety on my face while reading articles about pancreatic cancer.

I can only obey because I myself do not feel able to know more about this disease.

After a few days I returned to RSK Dharmais to undergo a follow-up examination. For about a month I went back and forth to undergo tests and various health checks accompanied by my mother. Meanwhile, my husband and children cannot deliver because they have to work.

After the various cancer tests were completed, the doctor explained the condition of the disease that I was experiencing. Based on the results of the examination, including tests at the previous hospital, the doctor said that the tumor in my pancreas was malignant cancer, and had entered stage 2.

My tears fell when I heard this.

Instantly the worst possibilities were milling about in my mind. But I have to focus on listening to the doctor’s explanation. I tried my best to understand the explanation for this disease.

“Doc, how do I treat this disease?”

The doctor patiently explained what pancreatic cancer looked like, as well as explained my health condition and the treatment I should choose.

“Mother should have surgery to treat this disease,” the doctor told me. Hearing this, the fear I faced became even greater. I had doubts about whether this treatment would work.

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“Can’t it be treated by taking medicine, Doc?”

The doctor shook his head, “No, ma’am. The tumor had to be surgically removed.”

That was the doctor’s decision regarding the treatment I had to undergo to recover from pancreatic cancer.

Surgery is the only way to cure me

The Story of a Pancreatic Cancer Sufferer Who Successfully Cured

The word cancer alone scares me. Plus now with the word operation. Imagining how my body would be dissected, made the fear grow even more.

I still can’t believe I have a rare type of cancer. Why should I have this disease? What will happen to my children when I die?

Various questions arise in my mind. I was so stressed and depressed that it occurred to me that I didn’t want to have surgery.

The anxiety on my face every time the check-up took place made the doctor advise me to seek counseling first. The decision to have surgery or not is up to me as a patient. I realized that doctors and hospitals only offered the best treatment with my own healing.

During counseling, a nurse said that pancreatic cancer is quite rare. “If it is not treated immediately, the mother’s body will turn yellow. Mother wants to cry or beg to be healed, we from the hospital can’t help more. So, it’s better to treat the disease sooner before it’s too late,” he persuaded.

I’m pensive, and still can’t decide.

Finally I went home. I’m still hesitant to undergo surgery, but I also feel that I can’t stand the pain caused by these pancreatic cancer symptoms. I pray to God for guidance to choose the best path.

If indeed my life is not long, I am willing to go as long as I do not continue to feel this pain. But, if I am still given the opportunity to be with the people I care about, please make it easy for me to recover from this disease.

And it feels like God heard my prayer.

With the encouragement of my husband, children, family, neighbors, and the hospital, my doubts slowly disappeared and turned into strength. I also remember an old friend who had cancer but his life was not saved because it was not treated quickly.

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For almost two months struggling with doubts and fears, I decided to fight to recover from this cancer. When he returned to the hospital, the doctor asked, “Are you ready for surgery?”

With all my heart I believed and answered, “I’m ready, Doc.”

On January 18, 2019, I underwent surgery. The head of my pancreas organ was cut off, my gallbladder was removed because the condition was not possible, the fat lump due to fatty liver was also removed, and the size of my stomach was reduced because of the wound.

Again God heard my prayer, the operation went smoothly. After going through a period of recovery, I was declared cancer free. I feel very grateful to be able to feel the warmth of family back at home.

I still remember very well the pain I experienced after the operation. I often screamed because the painkillers given did not completely relieve the pain.

However, the doctors and nurses patiently took care of me. Likewise, my family who faithfully accompany and support me to recover from this disease.

Message to other pancreatic cancer warriors

The doctor did say I was cancer-free, but I still needed regular screening. Because, cancer can reappear so this action is taken as a form of supervision.

I am very grateful to God for giving me a second chance to live life. I also thank my family and those around me who never tire of supporting my recovery.

Don’t forget to thank dr. Fajar Firsyada, Sp. B-KD and RSK Dharmais who have helped me fight cancer.

In addition to my story as a pancreatic cancer patient, I also want to share my experience with you at home that cancer can be cured, as long as the disease is detected and treated more quickly. So, if you feel something is wrong with your body, don’t hesitate to check with your doctor.

In addition, your decision in choosing cancer treatment is also an important consideration. Always prioritize doctor’s treatment, especially for chronic diseases such as pancreatic cancer.

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