The Number of Passengers at Soetta Airport 150 Thousand People, Breaks a Record!

Jakarta – The quantity of plane passengers at Soekarno-Hatta Airport on Sunday, May 8 was recorded at 150,000 individuals. This number is the highest since the COVID pandemic.

On Sunday or D+5 which is anticipated to be the pinnacle of the return stream, there are 1,130 flights and 150 thousand passengers.

“This has never occurred since the pandemic,” said Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi on the Ministry of Transportation website, as cited on Monday (9/5/2022).

The Minister of Transportation made sense of, of the complete development of aircraft and passengers, around 40% of them go through Terminal 2.

“Around 570 flights and there are around 3,500 individuals each hour here,” said the Minister of Transportation.

To guess this spike, the Minister of Transportation asked all stakeholders in the flight sector, both air terminal operators, airlines, and other related elements, to appropriately plan services and handle the progression of arrivals and departures so that they run as expected.

“I ask the Director General of Civil Aviation together with the Director General of AP II to straightforwardly supervise the appearance of passengers at the pinnacle of the return stream until this evening,” said the Minister of Transportation.

Furthermore, the Minister of Transportation didn’t feel burnt out on asking general society to postpone the return trip today, to prevent congestion and make the excursion more agreeable.

“Individuals who haven’t returned home yet, don’t return home this evening. Get back home tomorrow or at the hour of Lebaran Ketupat next Tuesday.

The excursion will be more agreeable,” he said. On the same occasion, the Director General of Civil Aviation Novie Riyanto made sense of that he would supervise and ensure that the passenger appearance service at the pinnacle of the return stream ran well.

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“With the development of 3,500 individuals each hour, there are roughly 10 thousand bags or gear each hour. This must be served appropriately,” said Novie.

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