The Most Expensive Michelin Restaurant in the World Sets a Price of up to IDR 8 Million per Menu

The Most Expensive Michelin Restaurant in the World Sets a Price of up to IDR 8 Million per Menu — The Michelin-star award is the most prestigious in the culinary industry. There is even a Michelin-star restaurant that has been named the most expensive restaurant in the world.

Not only awards for figures, in this world there are also awards given to restaurants with certain criteria. Known as the Michelin-star, this award can only be obtained after a restaurant meets the restaurant standards set by the Michelin Guide.

Please note that this Michelin-star award is not issued by a culinary organization but by a vehicle tire company with a similar name. In its development, this award has become a reference for determining the best restaurant in the world.

Many chefs as well as famous restaurant owners or managers are vying for this award in order to improve their image. Call it Gordon Ramsay and several chefs who are experts in their fields.

The Most Expensive Michelin Restaurant in the World Sets a Price of up to IDR 8 Million per Menu

Citing MSN News (30/5) restaurants with Michelin-star awards are spread in more than 30 countries. There are three types of awards given to each restaurant with a certain category. One star for the best restaurant among the dishes, two stars for the restaurant that is rated as providing the best experience, and three stars for the most quality and usually very expensive restaurant.

There are at least seven restaurants in the top list that have been named the most expensive Michelin Three-star restaurant in the world. The average price of food served in these restaurants is in the range of IDR 5.2 million to IDR 8 million for the food alone.

The menus at this restaurant are said to use premium ingredients such as caviar, foie gras, truffles, lobster and various other menus. In Norway, there is a Michelin Three-star restaurant called Maeemo which charges IDR 6.1 million per guest to be able to sample its special menu.

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In addition to Norway, a restaurant in Madrid, Spain is also famous for its pork dishes. This restaurant fixes the price for a portion of pork at IDR 5.6 million.

The Most Expensive Michelin Restaurant in the World Sets a Price of up to IDR 8 Million per Menu


In the United States there is a restaurant called Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare which has a dish with an abundant mix of caviar. To be able to eat here, guests who come must spend a minimum of IDR 6.2 million.

Not to be outdone by other countries, a restaurant in Japan called Kitcho Arashiyama also received a three-star Michelin award for its sasihimi dish. For a piece of fresh fish served with wasabi, grated ginger and three types of dipping spices, the price is up to IDR 7.4 million.

A restaurant called Arpege in Paris was also one of the representatives from France who received the Michelin Three-star title. This award is given for a menu made of an egg but the price is set at IDR 7.5 million.

Ranked in the 16th most expensive Michelin Three-star restaurant, this French restaurant named Guy Savoy also overtook Arpege with its sumptuous dishes. A unique dish, as if the food was served on a soft foam. The price reached IDR 8.1 million.

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