Signs of Mental Fatigue and How to Overcome It — The existence of pressure in work, finances, family, or medication makes a person often suffer from signs of mental fatigue. When this condition occurs, it is very difficult to concentrate. This mental fatigue tends to increase over time. For that, immediately recognize what are the signs, causes, and ways to overcome mental fatigue.

Signs of mental exhaustion

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A person with mental fatigue may not immediately notice the condition, because the symptoms will be felt gradually. Initially, signs of mental exhaustion will not be a big problem. However, over time, this condition can get worse. Therefore, before things happen that you don’t want, it’s important to know what the symptoms of mental fatigue are early on. Here is the explanation.

1. Physical symptoms

A person who experiences mental fatigue usually shows physical symptoms in the form of illness or changes in lifestyle that are worse, including:

  • feeling tired and drained all the time,
  • decreased immunity and more frequent pain,
  • headaches and muscle aches, and
  • Changes in appetite and sleep habits.

2. Emotional symptoms

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Emotional symptoms of a mentally exhausted person include changes in emotions and bodily reactions. This condition is usually accompanied by spontaneous actions according to your feelings at that time. Emotional signs experienced by mentally exhausted people include:

  • feelings of failure and self-doubt,
  • feel helpless and defeated,
  • lose motivation,
  • always feel alone,
  • increasingly negative views,
  • more quick to anger,
  • feel hopeless,
  • excessive anxiety, and
  • decreased satisfaction with many things.

3. Behavioral symptoms

You can see a sign of someone experiencing mental fatigue from the pattern of behavior they show. Usually, this attitude has become a habit so it’s not too difficult to recognize it, such as:

  • run away from responsibility,
  • tend to isolate themselves from others,
  • takes longer to adjust,
  • use food, drugs, or even alcohol to cope,
  • venting anger on others, as well.
  • likes to skip work.
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Causes of mental fatigue

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The mental fatigue you are experiencing will not occur if there is no cause. Everyone can experience this for different reasons. However, here are some common causes that you may experience.

1. Work pressure

After entering the world of work, maybe you have your own expectations about the job, both in terms of the work environment and the tasks assigned. However, there are times when people are unable to bear the workload that is too heavy so they experience signs of mental fatigue. Apart from that, there are also other causes, such as:

  • has no control over everything that is done,
  • lack of appreciation or recognition for work done,
  • expectations of work are not clear,
  • dislikes current job,
  • doing work that is too monotonous and not challenging, as well as
  • work in a high pressure environment.

2. Unhealthy lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle can trigger mental fatigue. That is why not a few people who are mentally tired have an irregular lifestyle, for example, do not have enough time to sleep, relax, or socialize with the environment.

3. Bad personality

People who have good personalities are able to achieve various goals in life by holding strong principles while building their own character. However, it is different with people with less good personalities. They tend to try to achieve their ambitions in various ways.

As a result, this makes them experience mental fatigue. Examples of attitudes that they usually have include being too perfectionist, having a pessimistic view of themselves, and lack of trust in others.

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How to deal with mental fatigue

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Once you know how the signs of mental fatigue appear, you may be asked how to deal with them. Simply by changing your lifestyle, you can actually solve the problem. For more details, you can apply the steps below.

1. Find social support from others

You can reach out to the closest people such as family, spouse, friends, or co-workers to become storytellers. Also try to do positive and fun activities with them. If you want, you can also share your story. Never feel that sharing personal problems will be a burden to others. In fact, most people feel more loved because you trust them as a place to pour your heart out.

2. Get enough sleep

Sleep disturbances can be a sign that you are experiencing mental exhaustion. Therefore, improving the quality of life is expected to overcome the symptoms and causes of mental fatigue itself. So, how much time do you need to sleep each day?

Related to this, actually everyone has different needs, but adults are recommended to sleep for 7 to 9 hours a day. If you have trouble getting to bed early, you can do some bedtime routines. For example, take a warm shower, light stretches, reduce room lighting, and replace cellphones with books or soothing music.

3. Sports

Exercise is one of the most powerful ways to overcome mental fatigue. You can take the time to exercise for 30 minutes every day. Try rhythmic training with activities like running, weight training, martial arts, dancing, or swimming.

This will be an effective way to revive the mood, sharpen focus, and make the body more relaxed. In addition to rhythmic exercises, you can also use relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises to combat mental fatigue. The goal is to reactivate the body’s relaxation response.

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4. Applying a healthy diet

Whatever you eat will have a big impact on your mood throughout the day. Therefore, you can adopt a healthy diet to support the mood. Here are things you can do.

Reducing carbohydrate and sugar intakeFoods with high carbohydrate and sugar content such as French fries and pasta are known to cause mood disorders more quickly.

Increase consumption of omega-3 fatty acidsOmega-3 fatty acids can improve a person’s mood again. You can find this nutrient in fatty fish such as salmon, anchovies, and sardines. In addition, you can also consume seaweed and flaxseed.

Avoid nicotineWhen experiencing mental fatigue, maybe more people choose to smoke because it can make themselves calmer. However, the nicotine in cigarettes is actually a strong stimulant and can even increase anxiety.

5. Make time for yourself

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You can take time off to give yourself a break. Rest is not only about sleeping, but also to do fun things for yourself. Here are things you can do.

  • Take a long vacation.
  • Take at least an hour for yourself every day.
  • Set aside a day or two each week to watch a movie or enjoy a meal.
  • Get some fresh air at lunch time.

If with the above method you are still having trouble dealing with mental fatigue, immediately contact a psychologist or doctor. Maybe the doctor will give you medication to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing. Look forward to other news that we will present with updated information that is also reliable according to its source. Thank you

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