Rock climber Chiromal Katibin sets world record — Indonesia long cliff athlete, Kiromal Katibin, made an extraordinary achievement. Katibin just broke the world record!

Katibin did this while participating in the 2022 IFSC Climbing World Cup in Seoul, South Korea, Friday (6/5/2022).

Katibin drops in the men’s speed number Katibin broke the record during the qualifying round with a time of 5.17 seconds, 0.03 seconds ahead of the previous record held by his compatriot Veddriq Leonardo at the 2021 Rock Climbing World Cup in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

Veddriq placed second in the qualifying round with a time of 5.41 seconds, followed by another Indonesian athlete Rahmad Adi Mulyono with 5.48 seconds.

Katibin and Veddriq finally fought in the final round. Unfortunately, Katibin failed to score a win because he was disqualified after stealing the start.

As a result, Veddriq was declared the winner and won the third gold medal in the Speed ​​Climbing World Cup.

Katibin had to settle for a silver medal, followed by Rahmad with a bronze. Rahmad won bronze after defeating the Italian representative Fossali. Congratulations to Indonesia!

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