Red White Threatened Can’t Fly Again in the Sports World — Bad news from the world of sports. Merah Putih is in danger of not being able to fly because again there is a problem with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)! The chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (NOC Indonesia) Raja Sapta Oktohari gave a special warning to the Indonesia Anti-Doping Organization (IADO).

The independent agency responsible for anti-doping in Indonesia is asked to be extra serious in complying with the code of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Okto, Raja Sapta’s nickname, said that IADO was on the brink again. This is because he received a copy from WADA that IADO received a Corrective Action Report (CAR) because the current regulations are not in line with the WADA Code 2021.

Although WADA officially released Indonesia from sanctions in February, IADO is still under WADA’s strict supervision to continue to carry out its duties professionally and in compliance with the WADA Code.

“Currently, the Red and White is in danger of not being able to fly again. If this problem cannot be resolved before June 23, Indonesia is threatened with sanctions and cannot fly the Red and White flag again,” said Oktohari, Saturday (07/05) in an official statement.

“I, as the Chair of the Indonesian NOC and also the former Chair of the WADA Sanctions Relief Task Force, strongly appeal to IADO to be able to communicate more intensively, both with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and others so that this critical situation can be resolved,” he continued.

Previously, IADO – previously known as the Indonesian Anti-Doping Institute (LADI) – had received a one-year sanction from WADA on October 7, 2021. At that time, Oktohari was entrusted with leading the WADA Sanctions Relief Task Force.

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Through the diplomacy that Oktohari carried out with WADA, IADO was finally free from the snares of sanctions in less than four months. Even though it has been sanctioned, IADO is still under WADA’s strict supervision.

Especially the Compliance Unit Division, which is responsible for supervising all National Anti-Doping Agency (NADO) around the world.

“I hope that all parties can understand this critical situation. Don’t let what the Task Force have done put us back in a difficult position and Indonesia gets sanctioned again. international multi-sport event,” said Oktohari.

This, added Oktohari, must be a common concern. Moreover, Indonesia is preparing to host the 2022 ASEAN Para Games, 23-30 July. “WADA also plans to come to Indonesia. So I hope that this critical situation can be overcome, so that we do not receive sanctions,” concluded Oktohari.

Look forward to other news that we will present with updated information that is also reliable according to its source.

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