Recognize Some Habits That Make You Mentally Tired, Including Toxic Relationships

Recognize Some Habits That Make You Mentally Tired, Including Toxic Relationships – The following are some habits that can cause a person to experience mental fatigue, see more below. Mental fatigue can be experienced by anyone, regardless of age or gender.

Mental fatigue can cause morale and motivation to decrease, for example in terms of work or school. In addition, concentration can also be disturbed.

Mental fatigue is a psychological condition that is characterized by a state or condition of the body that is not energetic due to emotional exhaustion.

Quoted from PORTAL NGANJUK from an Instagram account called @jessy.psikolog, the following are habits that can make a person mentally tired.

Often Comparing Yourself to Others

Everyone has different achievements or achievements. This then causes envy, pressure, fatigue, or even insecurity. Moreover, in this digital era, the presence of social media makes it easy to find out about other people’s activities.

Some people will usually show off their achievements and upload them to social media, so this is prone to comparing themselves with others.

Always obey the wishes of others

The difficulty of saying “no” when asked by others can affect a person. This attitude is often called people pleaser. People pleasers will always put others before themselves.

This behavior is characterized by always acknowledging other people’s requests, directions or invitations without thinking about themselves.

Usually, people who behave like people pleasers often feel bad if they refuse until they finally feel tired because they always obey other people.

It’s a good idea to learn to say “no” when you can’t do it.

Toxic Relationship

Having a toxic relationship can “damage” yourself, this is because often found in toxic relationships there is verbal, physical violence, belittled, unappreciated, silent treatment that will make the mental condition weaker.

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Therefore, it is necessary to choose a partner who can provide a healthy relationship so that the mental condition is maintained and healthy.

Want Perfect

Being a perfectionist can sometimes affect the mental state of being tired. Strive for the best is necessary but that does not mean you have to be so obsessed with the pursuit of perfection.

We don’t always achieve perfection from every thing that has been tried before. This is about habits that can cause a person to experience mental fatigue.

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