Prevent Pancreatic Cancer from an Early Age, Here’s the Right Healthy Lifestyle

Prevent Pancreatic Cancer from an Early Age, Here's the Right Healthy Lifestyle — Prevent Pancreatic Cancer from an Early Age, Here’s the Right Healthy Lifestyle. The pancreas is an organ part of the digestive system which is located behind the stomach. This organ can be attacked by cancer prankeas when a malignant tumor grows in that part.

However, the cause of the growth of pancreatic cancer cannot be known with certainty so that it is not yet known how to prevent pancreatic cancer that is 100% effective.

However, a number of factors can increase the risk of cancer cell growth in the pancreas. So avoiding these risk factors is the right effort to prevent pancreatic cancer.

Healthy lifestyle to prevent pancreatic cancer

Various factors can contribute to the cause of pancreatic cancer, such as genetic factors, diseases that attack the pancreas, to an unhealthy lifestyle.

However, the development of pancreatic cancer can be very difficult to detect early on. This condition makes many patients who are late for treatment because pancreatic cancer has reached its final stage.

According to the American Cancer Society, pancreatic cancer has a very low chance of cure, only 7% of patients can survive to 5 years.

For this reason, it is important to take preventive measures early on. Here is a healthy lifestyle that you can start to apply to prevent the growth of cancer in the pancreas.

1. Maintain ideal body weight

The most common type of pancreatic cancer is adenocarcinoma, which attacks the ducts within the pancreas. Adenocarcinoma is mostly experienced by patients who are obese.

For that, one of the efforts that can be done in preventing pancreatic cancer is to maintain an ideal body weight. If you are obese, you need to lose weight.

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An effective way that can be done to achieve the ideal body weight is with a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise. In living a healthy diet, try to eat cancer-preventing foods that are rich in antioxidants and fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain antioxidants that are useful in preventing cell mutations that cause the growth of pancreatic cells to become uncontrolled, thus triggering the formation of cancerous tissue. The fiber content in these foods also helps smooth the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body.

Based on research in the journal Cancer, foods rich in antioxidants and fiber can help maintain an ideal body weight thereby reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer in later life.

Also make sure to reduce the consumption of processed foods, red meat, and sugary drinks that can increase the risk of forming cancer cells in the pancreas.

2. Keep blood sugar levels normal

Pancreatic cancer is more common in patients with diabetes mellitus, especially type 2 diabetes, which is associated with obesity.

Diabetes occurs when high blood sugar levels exceed normal limits and there is a condition of insulin resistance. The insulin hormone produced by the pancreas cannot be used optimally by the body to burn energy.

To prevent this risk factor for pancreatic cancer, you need to make sure your blood sugar levels stay within normal limits.

The key is to adopt a nutritionally balanced diet, regularly, and in accordance with daily calorie needs. In a healthy diet, also limit the consumption of foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar.

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In addition, being active and exercising regularly helps the cells in the body use the hormone insulin to absorb glucose in the blood so that sugar levels are controlled.

3. Reduce alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption is known to be associated with the appearance of malignant tumors or cancer in the pancreas. The reason is, alcohol can cause chronic pancreatitis, namely long-term inflammation of the pancreas that can trigger cancer growth.

Limit alcohol consumption to no more than 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men. But it would be even better if you really don’t consume alcohol at all to prevent the appearance of cancer cells in the pancreas to the maximum.

4. Avoid smoking

Smokers are twice as likely to develop pancreatic cancer as non-smokers. Chemicals in cigarettes are carcinogenic or can trigger cancer so that it can damage the body’s DNA.

Even so, the risk of pancreatic cancer will decrease after a person stops smoking. Therefore, quitting smoking is the main prevention of pancreatic cancer.

For active smokers, quitting smoking is not an easy thing and takes time. However, you can try to stop reducing the number of cigarettes slowly. Start by reducing one cigarette per day until you really don’t consume it at all.

5. Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals

Exposure to chemicals can also trigger the growth of cancer cells in the pancreas. This risk factor is usually experienced by patients who are routinely exposed to chemicals in the workplace such as in a laundry, laboratory, or factory.

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If your job involves the use or processing of chemicals, protect yourself from chemical exposure by wearing a mask, gloves, or hazmat.

In addition, work following safety procedures that comply with health standards. If possible, limit activities that expose you to constant exposure to chemicals.

Some cancers can be anticipated early through the screening process (early medical examination).

However, screening is not very effective for people who have no symptoms of pancreatic cancer at all. Diagnosing pancreatic cancer can take time and involve complex cancer screenings.

This is why prevention efforts through the application of a healthy lifestyle are very important to do to prevent pancreatic cancer.

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