Pay Attention, This Is The Importance Of Husbands Paying Attention To Pregnant Wives

Pay Attention, This Is The Importance Of Husbands Paying Attention To Pregnant Wives — Have you ever heard the term pregnant together? This could mean that the husband needs to pay more attention to his wife during pregnancy to support her pregnancy. However, have you understood why pregnant women need more attention from their husbands?

What are the impacts or benefits for pregnant women and what kind of attention can husbands give? Check out the following review to find out the answer.

The reason why pregnant women need more attention from their husbands

One sentence that answers the question why pregnant women need more attention from their husbands, namely that “pregnancy is not easy”.

The fluctuations in hormones that occur during pregnancy cause various changes in the body of pregnant women.

Pregnant women may experience nausea and vomiting or morning sickness in early pregnancy. This complaint even makes it difficult for some pregnant women to meet their nutritional needs.

As the gestational age increases, the body weight it carries also increases. This often causes back pain, increased urination, and difficulty sleeping.

Pregnant women may also get tired faster than usual. This is because his body is working hard to adjust to all these physical changes.

These changes coupled with the ups and downs of hormones sometimes cause a variety of negative emotions and mixed feelings in pregnant women.

Pregnant women may become more prone to crying, frustration, anxiety, and stress. Especially if the complaints during pregnancy are difficult to overcome or even if pregnancy complications occur to him.

Not to mention if pregnant women feel fear during pregnancy, whether it’s because they are afraid to face childbirth or are not sure if they can be good parents.

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That is why extra attention is needed by pregnant women. More attention from her husband makes pregnant women feel loved and supported, so that she can get through these difficult phases and can welcome her little one with feelings of joy.

The benefits that can be obtained by pregnant women if they get more attention from their husbands

Not just need, there are many benefits or positive impacts that pregnant women can get if they get more attention from their husbands.

Here are the various benefits or positive impacts when a husband gives more attention to his wife when she is pregnant.

1. Avoid stress, anxiety, and depression

A bad relationship with a husband can put pressure on a pregnant wife. This makes them more susceptible to stress, anxiety, or depression during pregnancy.

On the other hand, positive relationships and extra attention can make pregnant women happier, thus avoiding various mental problems during pregnancy.

Not only during pregnancy, depression that occurs after giving birth can also be prevented because the mother’s mental condition is more ready to welcome the presence of the baby.

2. Avoid physical health problems

Not only for their mental health, pregnant women need more attention from their husbands as well to avoid various physical health problems that can happen to them. How could that be?

The reason is, stress during pregnancy that may arise due to the husband’s lack of attention is known to cause physical health problems, such as high blood pressure to preeclampsia.

Pregnant women who have mental problems are also more likely to use drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol during pregnancy which can interfere with the health of themselves and the fetus in the womb.

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3. Supports fetal growth and development

Not only pregnant women, in fact, more attention from the husband can also help support the growth and development of the fetus.

Conversely, stress due to lack of attention from the husband is more likely to cause problems that can interfere with the growth and development and health of the fetus.

This is proven through a study in the journal Current directions in psychological science which found the fact that stress during pregnancy is at risk of causing premature birth.

As for babies born earlier than the time should be more at risk of various health problems, such as related to the heart, breathing, or brain.

The form of attention that husbands can give to their wives during pregnancy

Giving more attention can be one way for a husband to support his wife during pregnancy. The forms of attention that can be given are quite diverse.

Here are various forms of attention that pregnant women need and can be given by their husbands.

  • Listen to the wife’s complaints, worries, and anxieties.
  • Also listen to all the good and uplifting things, such as how the wife feels the movement of the fetus or talks about hopes and dreams for the child in the future.
  • Help your wife with household chores, such as cleaning the house or cooking.
    Doing what the wife needs without being asked. For example, giving a massage to reduce leg cramps or giving a pregnancy pillow that can help her sleep.
  • Give your wife a hug, kiss, or massage to maintain intimacy, especially if sex during pregnancy is difficult or uncomfortable.
  • Always accompany his wife every check-up to the obstetrician and participate in monitoring the development of the fetus, including jointly finding out various information about pregnancy.
  • Encourage and help your wife to maintain a healthy pregnancy, such as by eating a healthy diet, doing physical activity, getting enough rest, and avoiding alcohol and smoking.
  • If there are signs of prolonged stress or other emotional problems (more than 2 weeks), talkto your wife and seek help from a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • Accompany your wife to attend prenatal classes.
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In essence, any positive changes in husband’s behavior when his wife is pregnant can be a form of attention to him.

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