Often Play Mobile Phone Before Sleeping? Watch out, these are the 7 dangers

donutmedialab.com — After a day’s activities, you may crave a quiet night while browsing the internet, chatting with your partner, or playing games on your Mobile Phone before going to bed. However, the habit of playing Mobile Phone before bed actually has its own dangers for health.

What are some examples?

The dangers of playing mobile phone before going to bed

Playing Mobile Phone before bed seems to be a trivial habit that everyone does, but this habit can have a negative impact on brain health and the quality of your sleep. Here are the various dangers of playing Mobile Phone before bed, according to a sleep disorder specialist, Harneet Walia, MD, and several other sources.

1. Keeps the brain active and alert

Your brain has been working all day and bedtime should be a time for the brain to rest. However, playing Mobile Phone before bed actually stimulates the brain so that you stay awake and alert. In fact, the brain will be active even if you only play Mobile Phone for a while. Whether it’s opening social media, watching videos, or simply replying to chats, everything you do with your Mobile Phone will actually make it hard for you to sleep.

2. Exposure to blue light lowers melatonin

One of the dangers of playing Mobile Phone before bed is the decrease in melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that the brain produces when it is dark. Melatonin helps regulate circadian rhythms, including sleep and wake mechanisms. When you play on your Mobile Phone before bed, your brain perceives the blue light from your Mobile Phone as light during the day. As a result, melatonin levels decrease, causing insomnia, mood disorders, and decreased sleep quality.

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3. Delaying bedtime

Do you often intend to go to bed early, but always fail? It could be the cause is the habit of playing Mobile Phone before going to bed. As previously mentioned, this habit stimulates the brain so you can’t calm down before bed. Sleep time was so delayed and you sleep too late than planned. If this problem occurs repeatedly, your sleep time will decrease so that the quality of sleep also decreases.

4. Disturbing thoughts and emotions

There is one danger of playing Mobile Phone before going to bed that many people don’t realize, namely the disruption of thoughts and emotions. Dr. Walia even mentions that this habit can trigger anxiety before bed. Your mind can be distracted when you go to social media and find something that makes you sad, angry, or uncomfortable. Sleeping next to your phone also makes it easy for you to be distracted, whether it’s a notification sound, muted music, or some other reason.

5. Inhibits the rapid eye movement (REM) phase during sleep

Rapid eye movement (REM) is a sleep phase characterized by increased brain activity, eye movement, and heart rate. It is in this phase that you fall asleep and dream. The REM phase usually begins about 90 minutes after you fall asleep. Unfortunately, a disturbed mind due to playing cellphones too often before going to sleep can inhibit the REM phase. As a result, it will be more difficult for you to sleep well.

6. Makes you tired when you wake up

Playing cellphones before going to bed does not pose a direct danger to health. However, in the long run, decreased sleep quality can make you tired every time you wake up. You may not have the energy to move and fall asleep more easily during the day. If this condition continues, you will certainly find it difficult to carry out daily work.

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7. Decrease concentration and focus

Poor sleep quality due to playing cellphones before bed can also reduce focus, concentration, memory, and thinking power. Over time, your mind will easily become foggy making it more difficult for you to make a decision. In contrast, a study in the journal PLoS One showed that reducing cell phone use before bed could improve mood and memory.

You can even get this benefit simply by reducing playing Mobile Phone 30 minutes before going to bed. Playing cellphones before bed may not cause direct harm to health, but this habit can reduce sleep quality. To avoid this impact, try to reduce the use of cellphones about 30 minutes or 1 hour before going to bed. You can also improve the quality of your sleep by improving your sleep pattern. Make it a habit to go to bed and wake up at the same time so that your biological sleep clock becomes regular.

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