Lira Rate Drops, 7 Foods and Drinks in Turkey are Really Cheap!

Lira Rate Drops, 7 Foods and Drinks in Turkey are Really Cheap! — Since 2008, the Turkish lira has been steadily declining. TikToker revealed that the prices for food and drinks are also very cheap when converted to rupiah. There is pizza for IDR 11 thousand!

Many factors can affect the rate of a currency to drop drastically. Starting from political conditions, per capita income, to various other factors.

One of the currency rates that continues to decline is the Lira, which is the Turkish currency. Since 2008 until now, the Lira exchange rate is reported to have continued to decline. Currently the value of 1 Lira is equivalent to around IDR. 900.

Impacted by the exchange rate that continues to decline, the price of food and drinks sold in Turkey has decreased drastically. TikToker @clerishwijaya shares the prices of any food and drinks that are priced so cheap.

Here are 7 foods and drinks that have become cheap according to the TikTok account @clerishwijaya (25/5):

1. Bread

Close to the European continent, making the people of Turkey consume bread as a source of daily carbohydrates. As a result of the declining currency exchange rate, the price of bread in Turkey has even fallen drastically.

Roti Kandil Simidi is even only 3 Lira or equivalent to IDR 2,700. The round shape of the bread with a hole in the middle like a donut is one of the filling snacks favored by the Turkish population.

2. Pizza

In addition to local food, pizza is also loved by many people in Turkey. When the exchange rate fell, the price of pizza in Turkey is now selling very cheaply.

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For one slice of pizza served at a famous restaurant, the price is only Rp. 11 thousand. As for a whole pizza pan, only IDR 72,000 is pegged, which is enough for 4 to 5 people to eat.

3. Sandwiches

There is also food with a filling portion that is unexpectedly experiencing a considerable drop in price. Sandwich bread with various fillings ranging from vegetables, sliced ​​onions, to smoked beef can now be purchased for less than IDR 10 thousand.

Soguk Sandivic or a sandwich with a complete meat filling is pegged at only 7.5 Lira which is equivalent to IDR 6,000 only. Clerish even said that the most expensive sandwich was only IDR 9,000.

4. Orange juice

When the weather is hot during the day, it will be refreshing to enjoy pure orange juice. Using 100% sunkist oranges, the price of orange juice in Turkey is quite cheap.

A glass of pure orange juice without a mixture of sugar and other ingredients is set at 10 Lira or the equivalent of only Rp. 9,000. When compared to the price of similar pure orange juice in Indonesia, the price can reach IDR 35,000 per glass.

5. Kebabs

Kebab dishes are certainly synonymous with Turkey. Thin slices of meat with a mixture of vegetables and various sauces then wrapped in a tortilla skin is indeed an enticing delicacy.

In contrast to the quality of kebabs in Indonesia, kebabs in Turkey have a stronger meat taste with larger portions and are filling. But because the lira is dropping, a large serving of kebabs in Turkey sells for only IDR 15,000.

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6. Brownie

Similar to Indonesia, in Turkey there is also brownie cake which is thick in chocolate and has a legit taste. The difference is, in Turkey the brownies are sold per piece. At the top is also topped with a kind of sprinkling of cheese or chopped nuts.

The size of the large and thick brownie pieces is sold at a cheap price. One slice of this thick Turkish brownie is only IDR 9,000.

7. Macarons

A beautiful and sweet cake called macaron is a dish that is often hunted by cafe visitors to accompany relaxing time while enjoying a refreshing drink. In Indonesia, the price of macarons can be so high, even tens of thousands for one fruit.

But in Turkey, the price of six macarons served in a beautiful cafe is set at a low price due to the lira exchange rate which is still dropping drastically uncontrollably. Six beautiful and colorful macarons are only priced at 30 Lira or the equivalent of IDR 27,000.

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