It turns out that Indonesian citizens on vacation to Australia most like to see cute animals

It turns out that Indonesian citizens on vacation to Australia most like to see cute animals — Australia is one of the favorite holiday destinations for Indonesians. Their favorite activity is seeing animals.

Australia is a country that is located close to Indonesia. Flights from Jakarta to Sydney can be reached in 6 hours 55 minutes. So no wonder, Indonesia is included as a country that is quite contributing to Australian tourism.

According to Tourism Australia’s records, in 2019 the number of tourists from Indonesia to Australia amounted to more than 195,000 people. Of these, 74 percent are repeat tourists and 60 percent have visited Australia more than twice.

The relaxed atmosphere with the wide green open space is one of the reasons Indonesians feel at home in Australia. Tourism Australia’s Country Manager for Indonesia Agitya Nuraini explained, there are several activities that Indonesian tourists like the most in Kangaroo Country.

My favorite activity is seeing the cute Australian endemic animals. “Indonesians really like to see Australian animals such as kangaroos and koalas,” said Agitya in Jakarta.

Besides cute animals, they also generally like to enjoy nature. Moreover, each Australian state has different natural advantages, ranging from beaches, rivers, to mountains.

Then of the many Australian states, 38 percent of visitors from Indonesia have visited New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

Another activity that Indonesians also like is culinary tourism. As is known, Australia is known to have superior quality beef. What’s more, the cuisine there is also diverse because the culture of the people is also different.

Then the activity that Indonesian tourists also don’t miss is hunting for Instagramable spots. Currently, many cafes in Australia are also implementing instagenic designs for content on social media.

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