Is the Little One Angry? These are 5 Ways to Overcome Child Tantrums

Is the Little One Angry? These are 5 Ways to Overcome Child Tantrums —Tantrums are a normal condition experienced by children, especially during development. It can be interpreted, tantrums are moments when children lose control of their feelings and behavior, so this is the right time for them to learn to manage emotions. As a parent, it’s important to know how to deal with a child’s tantrums.

Then, how to deal with child tantrums right? Check out the following explanation!

What causes tantrums?

There are many things that can cause tantrums in your child. Parents may often be unaware when their child starts to feel uncomfortable or disturbed, causing the little one’s emotions to explode.

Some conditions that may cause tantrums in your child include:

Sick or hungry

Feelings of hunger or complaints of pain experienced by children can trigger tantrums.

Confused or scared

Children’s ignorance of many things, often makes them feel confused, afraid, and uncomfortable to the point of causing tantrums.

Upset or disappointed

Fighting with friends, feeling neglected, or disappointed, can also cause a child to have a tantrum, especially if the child has a sensitive character.


Too much play can make children feel tired until they finally express those feelings into tantrums.

Need attention

The amount of attention that children need is often the cause of tantrums that parents rarely realize.

When can tantrums occur?

When your child wants to express emotions or feelings but cannot or is difficult to do so, then that’s when a tantrum can occur.

Generally, tantrums begin to be felt by children at the age of about 18 months and often occur during the growth and development of toddlers. During a tantrum, behavior that hurts yourself or others such as hitting and biting is often done by your child.

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This condition makes the little one tends to feel frustrated and will eventually lead to tantrum behavior and attitudes, such as crying loudly, screaming, or throwing a tantrum.

How to deal with child tantrums

Parents don’t need to panic and worry when their little one has a tantrum. The most important thing to note is that parents must be calm and not be provoked by emotions, especially when dealing with tantrums in public places.

Because when children have tantrums, they need a parent figure to accompany and help manage emotions. Children will feel safe, a sense of trust begins to build, and learns that feelings can be managed. Here are some ways to deal with child tantrums:

1. Distract the child’s attention

This tantrum child therapy can be done simply, for example by looking at objects around you. Make it interesting so that the child turns his emotions into curiosity. Find entertainment that can make him smile.

2. Allowing children to express their feelings

Little ones’ emotions also need to be released so that they feel relieved. Parents may allow children to vent their emotions and keep them away from dangerous objects or actions that can hurt themselves, then wait for it to finish. This can be a tantrum child therapy that is worth doing.

3. Use a strategy to deal with it

By being adjusted based on the child’s character, parents can apply special strategies as a way to deal with child tantrums. This strategy must be done consistently so that children are disciplined and know how they should behave.

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For example, by giving positive affirmations through words of support related to the condition or feelings of the child during a tantrum.

4. Give something that makes him comfortable

In addition to conveying gentle words and a sense of understanding towards your little one’s feelings, the way to deal with the next child’s tantrum is that parents can give him something that makes him comfortable.

For example, when your child has a tantrum because he is hungry, then give him his favorite food. Likewise, when your little one is sick or not feeling well, giving a special balm for babies and children can be an option.

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So, from now on parents already know how to deal with and deal with child tantrums. A special balm for babies and children is the right choice to relieve your beloved baby’s tantrums. Mom is calm, children are happy, because #There’sAlwaysTranspulmin!

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