Is it true that certain foods can stimulate contractions to give birth quickly?

Is it true that certain foods can stimulate contractions to give birth quickly? — Have you ever heard that food is said to be a natural inducer to give birth quickly? He said, there are foods that can help make it easier to give birth, you know!

Before trying it, mothers need to find out the facts about food to speed up the birth of a baby. Find out more information here, come on!

Is it true that there are foods that can stimulate fast delivery?

Approaching the D-day of delivery, pregnant women usually have prepared labor preparations so as not to be surprised when experiencing contractions as signs of childbirth.

However, with the reason that it is easy to give birth normally, there are pregnant women who consume certain foods and drinks which are considered natural induction.

This is because certain foods and drinks are thought to trigger labor contractions.

Launching from the Mayo Clinic page, the purpose of labor induction is to encourage uterine contractions before the delivery process arrives.

Induction of labor is generally given by a doctor with medical drugs depending on the condition of the mother.

The reason for induction of labor is usually because the amniotic fluid has broken, but labor has not yet arrived.

Other causes of labor induction can also be because the placenta has separated from the uterine wall before delivery (placental abruption).

Pregnant women who have certain medical conditions, such as kidney disease, diabetes, and obesity, can also get labor induction.

The next question, is it true that food and drink can be a natural induction so that you give birth quickly?

The following foods and drinks are considered to be able to help speed up normal delivery:

1. Dates

Is it true that certain foods can stimulate contractions to give birth quickly?

Dates are touted as food to give birth quickly as well as a trigger or support for contractions.

This is reinforced in research from Jordan University of Science and Technology published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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According to the study, women who regularly eat dates during late pregnancy are reported to have a smoother normal delivery process.

Dates produce the hormone oxytocin, which stimulates uterine contractions and facilitates labor.

During labor, weak contractions will usually be given additional oxytocin via a syringe to re-strengthen the uterine contractions.

In the study, the group of pregnant women who ate dates at the end of pregnancy required lower oxytocin than the group who did not regularly eat dates.

Although eating dates in the last few weeks before delivery can bring benefits for later childbirth, these results are not significant enough.

Yes, the benefits of dates as a natural induction food so that you give birth quickly cannot match the work of medical induction of labor.

2. Castor oil

Is it true that certain foods can stimulate contractions to give birth quickly?

A study published in the journal Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine discusses the use of castor oil for natural induction.

Pregnant women who drink castor oil or castor oil tend to experience faster contractions and give birth within 24 hours afterward.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no specific rule on how much castor oil should be consumed as a natural induction method in order to give birth quickly.

If not done carefully, drinking too much castor oil can actually trigger stronger contractions.

Instead of providing a beneficial effect, blood flow to the baby actually decreases.

As a result, the baby in the womb becomes deprived of oxygen and can be fatal if not treated quickly.

Not only that, infrequent use of the oil can also cause irregular and painful contractions.

This of course can make the mother and baby become stressed so that they experience fatigue and dehydration.

It also causes your baby to experience meconium or the first baby’s feces mixed with amniotic fluid, before giving birth.

This condition is at risk of causing health problems after the baby is born.

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In short, castor oil can actually be used as a drink or mixed with foods that support contractions to speed up childbirth.

Just make sure you consult with your doctor to find out how much is safe for castor oil so you don’t overdo it.

What foods have not been proven to speed up the birth of a baby?

Meanwhile, foods that have not been proven to work so that mothers give birth quickly are:

1. Spicy food

Is it true that certain foods can stimulate contractions to give birth quickly?

Spicy food in general makes the stomach ache and heartburn so it is believed to stimulate labor contractions.

Spicy food is also allegedly able to cause the body to release the hormone prostaglandin through the digestive process to trigger contractions in the uterus.

However, the theory that spicy food can speed up birth is actually not true.

Until now, there is no relationship between food stored in the stomach with the work of the uterine muscles to contract.

The assumption that spicy food is a way to give birth quickly may come from suggestions. Some people can experience stomach cramps after eating spicy food which is often considered an early sign of contractions.

In fact, stomach cramps are caused by a buildup of gas from ulcer symptoms and gastric acid reflux.

Both of these are common problems for people who eat spicy food, especially if they have a sensitive stomach.

2. Pineapple

Is it true that certain foods can stimulate contractions to give birth quickly?

The assumption that pineapples are used as food to give birth quickly is actually wrong.

As you probably already know, pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is useful for breaking down protein.

The content of this bromelain enzyme is also what often makes the tongue feel tingling and causes canker sores when eating pineapple.

Reportedly, the bromelain enzyme in pineapple can flow into the cervix (cervix) so that the tissue becomes damaged.

Damage to the tissue is considered to make the cervix soften so that it stimulates labor.

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Unfortunately, there is no strong enough evidence to support this theory.

When pineapple enters the body, the bromelain enzyme is no longer active in the stomach and only part of it can be absorbed by the body.

Ask the doctor before eating food so that you give birth quickly

Is it true that certain foods can stimulate contractions to give birth quickly?

Actually, so far it has not been proven true that natural labor induction, including food to give birth quickly, can beat the work of medical induction.

It is not impossible that the food eaten with the aim of making it easier to give birth normally can actually be harmful to the health of the mother and baby.

This may be because the mother did not consult a doctor before eating certain foods.

In fact, excessive intake of certain foods with the aim of giving birth quickly can also be risky for the health of the mother and baby.

So, it would be better to ask and consult a doctor before eating food with the aim of giving birth quickly.

This is because every pregnant woman who is about to give birth has different conditions with different treatments.

In fact, the type of delivery of each pregnant woman will also not be the same.

For example, there are methods of normal delivery, caesarean section, gentle birth, water birth, and hypnobirthing.

Medical labor induction provided by doctors is not intended for all pregnant women.

Usually, medical induction of labor is not given to mothers who have had a cesarean section with a vertical incision from the navel to the pubic bone.

Pregnant women with the position of the baby’s buttocks in the womb are in the birth canal is also not possible to be given medical induction of labor.

In essence, the doctor will certainly still review whether the mother really needs a medical induction of labor while considering her condition.

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