Interesting! These 5 McDonald’s Menu Facts Revealed by Former Employees

Interesting! These 5 McDonald's Menu Facts Revealed by Former Employees

donutmedialab.comInteresting! These 5 McDonald’s Menu Facts Revealed by Former Employees. The McDonald’s menu is worldwide. Besides being delicious, there are some interesting facts about the McDonald’s menu that were revealed by former employees. Anything?

The taste of McDonald’s food and drinks has always succeeded in making the world’s citizens addicted to its delicious savory. However, many interesting stories and stories about the food menu at the McDonald’s restaurant chain, including in America were revealed.

Reporting from (14/05), former McDonald’s employee Michael Ryan shared some interesting facts. In the viral video he uploaded, Ryan revealed that behind the delicious McDonald’s food, there is a lot of science behind it.

Here are some interesting facts about the McDonald’s menu that Ryan revealed

1. Magic Straw

When buying a delicious meal, not many people pay attention to the packaging or cutlery. Like a straw in this fast food restaurant. It turns out that McDonald’s straws are a little wider than most other restaurants.

McDonald’s straws have a diameter of 0.72136 cm, while other fast food outlets are only 0.3302 cm in diameter.

Of course there is a special reason for this. Ryan says that the straw that is created wider will allow more carbonation to hit the tongue, so the sensation of drinking soda will be more delicious and fresh.

2. Thick meat

The delicious taste on each menu is a serious concern for McDonald’s restaurants. If you eat at this restaurant, you will probably find thicker meat or chicken.

It turns out that according to Ryan, roasted chicken is tender and rich in flavor resulting from injections of salt water that has been mixed with a common technique called plumping.

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3. Owned Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is often included in the menu of fast food outlets such as McDonald’s. But McDonald’s Coca-Cola has a different taste than the others.

This is because McDonald’s has an exclusive Coca-Cola recipe that makes it sweeter and more flavorful. The unique fresh taste of Coca-Cola McDonald’s is also obtained from water filtration and good quality syrup cooling.

4. Soft Cream

One of the favorite menus at McDonald’s is ice cream. Besides being soft, McDonald’s ice cream also has the perfect consistency.

Ryan says that the secret is to use whipped cream in its entirety and to regularly clean the ice cream machine once a week.

Although good quality machines are highlighted, machine maintenance is also important to get the perfect soft McFlurry ice cream.

5. Perfectly Fried Nuggets

McDonald’s nuggets are also a favorite menu. Not a few people who prefer to eat nuggets than McDonald’s fried chicken. Savory chicken meat with golden crispy flour is the reason many people like this menu.

It turns out that McDonald’s chicken nuggets are superior for some reason. Ryan said that these nuggets are not processed, but are made directly by Tyson Foods and are self-labeled.

The chicken meat is pressed into the mold, allowing the process of frying these nuggets to be more even, so that these golden chicken nuggets are cooked to perfection.

Look forward to other news that we will present with updated information that is also reliable according to its source. Stay tuned to us to get world news.

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