Horror! Mysterious Disease Kills 3 American Tourists in Bahamas

donutmedialab.com — An American tourist vacationing in the Bahamas is under the threat of a mysterious disease. There have been 3 tourists who died from this disease.

The Bahamas Police are currently investigating the cause of death of three US tourists at Sandals Emerald Bay, a luxury resort on the island of Great Exuma, Bahamas.

Of the 3 tourists who died, two of them were men, while the rest were women. In addition to the 3 tourists, there is one more tourist who is being treated at the hospital.

All the tourists are suspected of suffering from a ‘mysterious’ disease which until now is still unknown what kind.

The Acting Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Chester Cooper said that this case is not an ordinary case. According to the Royal Bahamas police, they found no signs of trauma on the bodies of the three tourists who died.

One of the guests at the same hotel as the three tourists, Chris Coucher-Aamot suspected that a gas leak in the room’s AC unit could be the cause of the three tourists’ deaths. But that’s just a personal guess and can’t be proven.

“There is the location of the case, lined by the police and guarded by security officers. It seems that it was caused by an AC malfunction which caused a toxic gas leak,” Chris wrote in his social media post.

From the police statement, the bodies of the three tourists were found in two different locations. The first body found was that of a male tourist in a villa.

Then the bodies of the male-female couple were found in the second villa. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Sandals Resort, Stacy Royal confirmed the incident.

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The resort said it would support the investigation process as well as provide support to the victim’s family at the same time.

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas also promised to disclose the results of the investigation to the public.

“The public will be provided with information as soon as possible if it is available. We also express our condolences to the families of the victims who were left behind,” concluded Cooper.

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