Get to know the Sirtfood Diet, a Diet that Allows You to Eat Chocolate and Drink Wine

Get to know the Sirtfood Diet, a Diet that Allows You to Eat Chocolate and Drink Wine — Get to know the Sirtfood Diet, a Diet that Allows You to Eat Chocolate and Drink Wine. Many people go on a diet to achieve the ideal body weight. Unfortunately, most healthy diets don’t allow you to eat your favorite chocolate and stay away from alcoholic beverages.

For those of you who like sweet foods, it might be a good idea to go on a sirtfood diet. This diet was once done by Adele, and is claimed to be able to lose several dozen kilograms of weight even though she still eats chocolate and drinks her favorite wine. Here’s what you need to know about this unique diet.

What is the sirt food diet?

The sirtfood diet is a diet pattern to eat foods that are high in sirtuin, a type of protein that functions to protect cells in the body from damage. In addition, sirtuin also functions to affect the body’s ability to burn fat, produce energy, and increase the body’s metabolism.

Sirtuins can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables. That’s why foods that contain sirtuin are referred to as sirtfoods – sirtuin foods. This diet is the brainchild of a British nutritionist, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten by launching a book called The Sirtfood Diet.

The reason the two nutritionists launched their book was because they found a surge in searches related to menus and healthy diets on online sites. However, weight loss is not the main focus of implementing this diet. The sirtfood diet is a diet pattern that emphasizes the habit of eating healthy foods, not reducing food or avoiding certain food groups.

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Guide to the sirtfood diet

In running the diet, you have to do two different stages. During the first stage you should not eat more than 1,000 calories for three days in a row and drink three sirtfood juices. In addition, it is also added with one food that also contains high sirtuin every day. This stage is carried out within a week.

The next four days until the seventh day, calorie intake will be limited to only 1,500 kcal by drinking sirtfood juice and eating solid foods twice a day each.

While in the second stage, you have to lose weight consistently. For two weeks, a person should only eat three meals a day with sirtuin-containing foods and one sirtfood juice.

What foods can be consumed while on the sirtfood diet?

If most diets strictly prohibit you from consuming chocolate and wine, the sirtfood diet actually recommends these foods to be consumed while you are on this diet program. The reason is, chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and wine is a source of high sirtuin foods.

In addition to chocolate and wine, some other foods that are recommended to be consumed during a diet are:

  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Celery leaves
  • Soya bean
  • Strawberry
  • Shallot
  • Olive oil
  • Turmeric
  • Cabbage
  • blueberries
  • capers
  • Kale
  • Kale
  • Coffee
  • Walnuts

Pros and cons of applying the sirtfood diet

Geggins and Matten say that there are many health benefits derived from adopting this one diet. In trials, study participants are known to lose about 3 kilograms of weight in a week. The participants also reported increased energy, clearer skin, and better sleep.

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It doesn’t stop there, this diet pattern is also claimed to have the ability to naturally control appetite and improve muscle function, making it an alternative solution to get a weight that is not only ideal, but also healthy – provided it is balanced with regular exercise and the application of a pattern. another healthy life.

Behind the health benefits claimed by Geggins and Matters, unfortunately, until now the sirtfood diet still poses pros and cons. There are several experts who support the application of the diet pattern, some do not support it and ask for a reassessment of its benefits.

In fact, a study recently published in the Journal of Physiology shows that consuming a sirtuin diet can make physical activities such as exercise less effective, and lower blood pressure. Further studies will be conducted to determine the cause of blood pressure due to the habit of consuming foods containing this sirtuin.

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