First Aid If Hands and Other Body Parts Get Injured by Glass

First Aid If Hands and Other Body Parts Get Injured by Glass — Have you ever accidentally hit a shard of glass until it hurt? Not only hands, any part of the body can be injured when touching or stepping on broken glass.

This condition certainly makes you panic because blood comes out of the wound, especially if the wound is deep enough so that more blood comes out. Here’s first aid in dealing with hands and other body parts that are exposed to glass.

Is a broken hand from glass dangerous?

Quoting from the Better Health Channel, the danger or not of a scratch being hit by broken glass depends on the depth and area of ​​the incision.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body which consists of two main layers, namely the epidermis and the dermis.

The epidermis is a surface layer made of several sheets of skin cells. Meanwhile, the dermis is located below the epidermis which consists of several things, namely:

  • elastic fibers (elastin) for suppleness,
  • protein fiber (collagen) for strength,
  • sebaceous glands,
  • hair follicle,
  • nerves, and
  • blood vessels in the dermis.

The deeper the hand wound gets hit by the glass to the dermis layer, the more severe the impact or side effects you will feel.

Pain from a sharp object injury is normal and can improve with time.

But sometimes, if the cut on your hand and other skin areas is deep enough, you can feel unusual pain.

In fact, the appearance of pain can also coincide with the sensation of numbness.

First aid for injured hands

Handling and first aid for injured limbs due to broken glass depends on the severity.

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The following is first aid for a glass-injured hand for a mild level and without severe bleeding.

1. Stop bleeding

The blood that comes out of the hand due to the glass wound will certainly make you panic.

Suppress your panic, then start taking steps to stop the bleeding.

  • Avoid removing the glass stuck in the hand.
  • Place a cloth over the bleeding wound to keep the blood pressure stable.
  • Avoid using a tourniquet (a special rope to stop the blood) as this can reduce the blood supply and cause necrosis.

Necrosis is an injury to cells that results in the premature death of living cells.

Proper handling of hands and other body parts that are exposed to glass can reduce the risk of necrosis.

2. Clean the wound

If your injured hand is exposed to shards of glass, you will also need to clean the scratched area.

Cleaning the wound can prevent bacterial infection.

Here are steps you can try to clean the wound when a limb is hit by broken glass.

  • Clean hands with clean water and soap to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Gently clean the wound using gauze that you have moistened with soap and warm water.
  • You can also use an antiseptic solution and apply it on the injured area to prevent infection.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, to prevent skin tissue from being eroded.

3. Cover the wound on the hand that was hit by broken glass

After cleaning the wound, the next step is to close the wound that was hit by broken glass.

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Covering the wound with a clean bandage or cloth is one way to prevent bacterial contamination.

Here are the steps for closing the broken glass wound.

  • If the wound is in a fold of skin, place a bandage or cloth over the wound
  • Apply an antibiotic cream that you can get at the pharmacy, then cover it with a bandage.
  • Change the bandage regularly, especially when it’s wet.

For the condition of the hands and other skin parts that have deep wounds due to exposure to glass, sometimes the treatment is not enough with first aid.

Immediately take him to the nearest hospital or clinic if the blood does not stop after receiving home treatment.

When do you need to go to the doctor if your hand is injured by glass?

Cut skin exposed to broken glass can make you uncomfortable because it feels sore and painful.

In some mild cases, you can treat your injured hand with help and home care.

However, there are conditions that may require medical attention.

Quoting from the Mayo Clinic, this is the right time to go to the doctor after a glass wound on your hand.

  • Objects piercing the skin are difficult to see and do not come out easily (such as clear glass).
  • The injury occurs near the eye area.
  • The wound is deep and dirty because of the risk of tetanus.
  • The last tetanus vaccination was more than 5 years ago when he was hit by broken glass.
  • Active bleeding or blood is difficult to stop.

Hand wounds that hit broken glass may seem clean because they are clear.

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However, it is possible for bacteria to stick to the wound.

When consulting a doctor, inform the situation when exposed to broken glass and your condition.

The reason is, if the condition is exposed to dirty glass shards and has not had a tetanus vaccine for a long time, the doctor may suggest a booster or booster for the vaccine.

The tetanus vaccine plays a role in preventing infection with the tetanus bacteria which can endanger the health of the sufferer.

Things you need to pay attention to when going to consult a doctor

When the glass punctures the skin sharply enough, you need to seek medical attention immediately.

But before that, there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

  • Avoid plucking or picking up objects that are stuck in the skin as this can cause new damage.
  • Apply the gauze to the injured hand from the glass.
  • Place a clean pad around the injured hand before tying the cloth.
  • Avoid pressing the injured area too hard.

After doing these four things, immediately go to the emergency unit (ER) or the nearest clinic to get further treatment according to the condition.

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