Early Detection and Potential Recovery of Prostate Cancer Patients

Early Detection and Potential Recovery of Prostate Cancer Patients

donutmedialab.com — Early Detection and Potential Recovery of Prostate Cancer Patients. In 2021, former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. SBY is known to have undergone prostate cancer treatment at the Mayo Clinic, United States. Is it true that prostate cancer can be cured? Here’s a detailed explanation.

Prostate cancer prevalence in Indonesia

Based on data from the 2020 Global Burden of Cancer Study (Globocan), the prevalence of prostate cancer in Indonesia is around 7.4 percent of the total number of 183,368 new cancer cases in men.

Although prostate cancer ranks 11th as a contributor to cancer cases in Indonesia, prostate cancer ranks fifth as cancer in men.

The death rate from prostate cancer was ranked 13th or 4,863 deaths (2.1 percent of the total number of cancer deaths). While the first rank of cases of death caused by cancer, is occupied by lung cancer with 30,843 deaths (13.2 percent of the total deaths).

This type of cancer is not as deadly as lung cancer or pancreatic cancer which occupies the 11th position with 5,690 deaths (2.4 percent of the total deaths). But prostate cancer remains a risk for many men, especially those over the age of 50.

PSA test to detect prostate cancer

Usually, prostate cancer does not cause any symptoms, especially in its early stages. One type of examination or screening (screening) that is commonly done for prostate cancer is the PSA test.

The PSA test is a blood test that is often used in prostate cancer screening, both for men who have experienced symptoms or as a way of early detection of the disease.

This test counts the amount of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in the patient’s blood. After the blood is drawn, the blood sample will be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

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PSA is a protein that is specifically produced by the prostate gland. The protein is generally found in semen, but PSA is also present in small amounts in the blood. Higher PSA levels are often associated with risk factors for prostate cancer.

Generally, doctors use a PSA limit of a normal value of 4 ng/mL or higher to decide whether a person needs to do further tests with a urologist or not.

This further examination uses the digital rectal method, to determine the condition of the prostate. If the prostate feels soft and supple, it indicates the prostate is in good health.

In addition to using this method, taking tissue using a biopsy is also an additional diagnosis, to confirm whether there is cancer or not.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

A swollen prostate is a sign of cancer if the testicles feel firm and bumpy when palpated using the digital rectal method. Other early symptoms of prostate cancer that accompany include:

  • Frequent urination, especially at night
  • Feeling the urge to continue urinating
  • Difficulty starting and stopping urine flow
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Intermittent urine flow
  • Feeling that urination is not complete
  • Blood in the urine (hematuria) or semen
  • Pain during ejaculation
  • Urinating feels long, usually more than 2 minutes

In addition, these symptoms can also distinguish if prostate cancer is benign or malignant. So for men aged 50 years are advised to undergo PSA tests regularly.

Can early stage prostate cancer be cured?

Generally all types of cancer at an early stage (stage I), including prostate cancer, have a high potential to be cured. Cancer at this stage is usually still small and only exists in one particular organ so it is still possible to undergo surgery to remove the cancer.

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At a later stage, usually the cancer has started to spread to other organs. When this condition occurs, surgical removal will be difficult.

This condition also applies to prostate cancer. Early-stage prostate cancer is still possible to undergo surgical removal as the main method of treatment. However, in the later stages of cancer, surgical removal is not the only option. Need for hormonal therapy by stopping the hormone testosterone.

However, this treatment is only to suppress the metastasis (spread) of prostate cancer to other organs. Hormonal therapy is also carried out to support the patient’s quality of life, because this therapy needs to be done for life.

The reason, prostate cancer metastases will generally attack the spine. Meanwhile, surgical removal of the spine is almost impossible to do, because it has the risk of paralysis for the patient.

If the prostate is enlarged and interferes with urination, drug therapy can be performed. If medication is not effective, laser surgery can be performed to make urination more comfortable.

The importance of early detection of prostate cancer

Early detection is important to do to increase the chances of a patient’s recovery. If prostate cancer can be detected early, then the chances of survival and cure for patients are also greater and treatment costs can be cheaper.

However, the problem is that the cost of undergoing a PSA test as an early detection of prostate cancer is indeed not cheap. In addition, the cost of early detection of prostate cancer and various other cancers has not been guaranteed by BPJS Kesehatan.

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Whereas if it is detected early and treated sooner, surgery or other treatment methods have a lower cost. Patients only need to undergo surgery and usually do not need to undergo any medication or therapy other than a check-up with a doctor every six months or once a year.

Healing is the patient’s decision

Based on data from the Ministry of Health (Kemkes), most prostate cancer patients come when they enter an advanced stage, namely 59.3 percent of cases.

To treat this condition, the most widely chosen primary therapy was orchiectomy at 31.1 percent, hormonal drugs 182 (18 percent), radical prostatectomy 89 (9 percent), radiotherapy 63 (6 percent), and the rest were active monitoring, chemotherapy, and combinations.

The choice of treatment method is done by looking at the patient’s condition first. Various methods of treatment can be done, but another factor that affects the patient’s recovery is the patient’s own decision.

Every human being has the ability to self-healing to heal oneself. Treatment by a doctor is carried out when these abilities cannot work normally.

Therefore doctors help treatment for the sake of healing the patient. But to recover, the patient must also maintain his mental condition. That’s why at RSK Dharmais, cancer treatment can be accompanied by psychological consultation.

This is related to the patient’s immune condition. If the patient feels afraid, anxious, hopeless, and sad, it can lower the body’s immune system. Therefore, healing is often also influenced by the patient’s determination to recover. The doctor’s job is to help him with various methods of treatment.

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