Drinking fruit juice every day is not necessarily healthy. Why is that?

Drinking fruit juice every day is not necessarily healthy. Why is that?

donutmedialab.com — For some people, fruit juice is a favorite drink. This is because it tastes refreshing and is considered healthy for most people. However, not many people are aware that fruit juice has a high sugar content.

There are even some juices that may contain sugar and calories that are close to regular soft drinks. The levels of vitamins and antioxidants in the juice can not cover the high sugar content in the drink.

Be careful with fruit juices with high sugar content

When you eat fruit that is not juiced, it takes effort to chew and swallow the fruit. The sugar content in the fruit also binds to the fiber structure which will break down when digested slowly in the digestive tract.

For these reasons, the sugar content in the fruit will be absorbed into the liver in an amount that is not too much and can be digested by the liver properly.

However, if you consume fruit juice, you may consume several fruits at once in a glass of fruit juice. This causes the sugar that is absorbed will be excessive and processed by the liver in large quantities.

The sugar found in fruit is fructose. The liver is the only organ that can process large amounts of fructose. When the liver processes excessive amounts of fructose, some of it can be converted into fat.

In addition to the level of fructose in fruit, when juicing, you may add a sweetener such as granulated sugar or sweetened condensed milk. Well, this is what secretly makes your fruit juice less healthy.

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Although small amounts of fruit juice can be considered safe for healthy and active people, if consumed in excess it can be bad for people who are obese or have other metabolic diseases such as diabetes (diabetes), because high sugar levels in fruit juice can make it worse. the disease.

Effects of fruit juice on body weight

The variety of foods and drinks you consume can have various effects on hunger. When you eat solid food, your brain reacts by causing a feeling of fullness.

However, according to research, when you drink a liquid beverage such as fruit juice, it does not affect satiety.

As a result, even if your fruit juices are already high in calories, you won’t feel as full as eating solid foods. This can lead you to end up drinking more or snacking on other foods. Of course the result is that you will receive more calorie intake.

Too many calories that are not burned into energy will have an impact on weight gain. So, instead of losing weight, drinking too much juice can actually make you gain weight.

Eating real fruit is better than drinking fruit juice

Overall, drinking fruit juice is safe for some people. However, for other people with certain diseases such as diabetes and excess body weight, it is better to consume whole fruit rather than consuming fruit juice.

This is so that you can continue to consume the vitamins and antioxidants contained in the fruit safely and avoid excess sugar levels.

Healthy tips for drinking fruit juice

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t drink fruit juice at all. To get around the hidden dangers of fruit juice, you can apply the following tips.

  • Make your own favorite fruit juice at home so you know the exact composition.
  • Avoid using sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Add natural ingredients to add flavor. For example with honey, cinnamon, mint leaves, or ginger
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