Cool and Customizable Android Keyboard Applications for Android 2022 – Android Keyboard Application-The virtual console screen on an Android smartphone must be exceptionally monotonous and a bit exhausting, isn’t that so?

What’s more, to solve this issue, of course you want a cool console application that is bounteously available on the Google Play Store. With a cool console and has perfect and exceptional features it will definitely give you a different impression.

Indeed, this is where we will give recommendations to the best android console applications that can be used on your favorite telephone.

List of Best Android Keyboard Apps 2022

Cool and Customizable Android Keyboard Applications for Android 2022

SwiftKey Keyboard

The selection of themes on the SwiftKey console is not as great as Go Keyboard. However, large numbers of the features gave are extremely useful to the users.

One of the principal features of the Go console is AutoCorrect. This component can help users later refine text and recommend prescient text that matches what you composed.

Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard offers various extraordinary features to its users. In addition, this application also contains many features to spoil its users.

For instance, it offers 1600 emojis and icons, 10,000 themes, and other interesting features that you can appreciate for nothing.

Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard has so far been downloaded by 500 million individuals. This application presents an enormous selection of cute and cool themes.

Apart from that, there are also tons of emojis, stickers, and GIFs that you can use. furthermore, with an auto-right component that can address your composing.


Next up is the promotion free Android console application, Gboard. From the name you can likely guess that this application is made by Google.

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Google Keyboard, or as it’s usually called Gboard, has a component called composing following. With this component, you can type easily, even with just one hand.

Keyboard App: Swype

Since 2002, the application is given by Nuance Communications Inc. Development to give the best results.

The insight sensitivity on the console named Swype is improved so that it can peruse the user’s plan even if it’s just a simple swipe.

Fleksy App + GIF

Fleksy’s presentation theme is unattractive, but it’s a bit faster and easier to operate.

Logos on Android
Not just that, users can also express themselves using features like GIFs, emojis and emojis. In addition, the AutoCorrect component can help you while you type.

Touchpal Keyboard

Not just for composing, this portable console application lets you make shortcuts or shortcuts to make composing faster. Like the others, Touchpal also has an AutoCorrect include.

That, but hundreds of cool, cute and simple themes are presented to users. What are you waiting for, use the accompanying application!

Application Ai.Type

Ai.Type Keyboard is a smart console with support for features that can make it easier for users. Not surprisingly, this application has reached more than 50 million downloads.

The application also offers numerous important themes which you can download for nothing by means of the Theme Market. Starting from the highest evaluated, newest, to the most well known.


For those of you who can see the virtual console, it’s chance to switch to using iKeyboard. This application is loaded with a beguiling appearance and displays various themes.

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Support for more than 60 languages and features like AutoCorrect, Google Voice entries, and so on. Definitely can spoil you.

Keyboard Flash

This console application from DotC United offers easy composing. Apart from multilingual support, the themes and icons are exceptionally diverse.

Another strong element lets you customize the presence of the console connection point to make it look perfect.

Those are 10 console applications that you can apply to your favorite android, so you don’t get exhausted with the default console on your cellphone.

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