Control Fear During Childbirth with These 7 Tips

Control Fear During Childbirth with These 7 Tips — Although not much happens, there are some women who claim to be afraid of giving birth. Indeed, giving birth not only requires physical readiness, but also a strong mentality.

If you include tokophobia, which is a condition when someone has an excessive fear of getting pregnant and giving birth, you need to practice special techniques to overcome these fears.

Because childbirth is a natural and beautiful experience, not always as scary and stressful as you think.

Kinds of fear of giving birth

This fear of giving birth can come from various sources.

Launching the Pregnancy Birth & Baby website, there are several kinds of fear of childbirth that can arise, including the following.

1. Fear of the unknown

Fear of giving birth may stem from not knowing what is going to happen. Sometimes, first-time mothers may feel insecure.

Other times, they may feel worried about the negative stories they hear.

2. Fear of getting sick

It’s common to be afraid of the pain of giving birth, especially if you’re a first-time mom.

You may also fear a birth injury such as a tear in the perineal area (the area between the vagina and anus).

Remember, there are many ways to relieve pain during labour.

Mothers who can relax and control pain during labor are likely to find this process less painful.

3. Fear of handling during labor

There is always a chance that your doctor or midwife will need to help you during labour.

This is known as intervention or treatment, for example including caesarean section and administration of epidural anesthesia.

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The key to managing your fears about intervention or treatment during labor is learning more about giving birth.

This effort will help you feel empowered and in control.

4. Fear of losing body functions

You may have heard that women can inadvertently urinate or defecate during childbirth.

But don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about. Your doctor and midwife have checked everything before delivery.

5. Fear of not getting to the hospital on time

The first stage of labor may take longer than you think.

It takes an average of 12 hours from when a mother first begins to feel contractions until her cervix or cervix is ​​fully dilated so that she can start to push.

Your doctor or midwife will make sure that they continue to accompany you during labour.

You need to know

A study in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology recently revealed that the fear of giving birth risks making the labor process more complicated and longer. So, make sure the psychological condition of pregnant women is always good and optimal before delivery.

Tips for overcoming fear of childbirth

Excessive fear to stress can have an impact on your baby’s health. That is why, it is not recommended.

Consult your doctor immediately or use some of the techniques below to help overcome fear of childbirth.

1. Choose a trusted doctor or midwife

The first thing a woman who is afraid of giving birth should do is choose the right obstetrician or midwife.

Make sure your obstetrician is reputable, trusted, or has helped your family members and friends go through labor.

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That way, you will become calmer and want to believe in the doctor’s words.

2. Have a flexible plan

A change in plans is a normal part of the labor process. If this is the case, you need to be open to the suggestions and options available.

To give you peace of mind if things don’t go according to plan, discuss all possible backup options and possibilities with your husband and obstetrician.

3. Listen to your body and baby

Ultimately, the birthing process is controlled by your body and your baby. Trust that your body and that of your unborn baby have a special way of working together.

So you must learn to listen carefully to your body and your baby from the very beginning of your pregnancy.

Spend some quality time chatting with your baby and feel his presence in sync with your body.

Pay attention to any changes in the body that occur and find out the cause. You also become more confident about the labor process that will occur.

4. Relax

For some pregnant women, the fear and anxiety that arises can be a very burdensome thing. If this is how you feel, you need to practice relaxation techniques (hypnobirthing).

Close your eyes and think of a place or situation that makes you feel calm and at peace.

You can also join yoga and meditation specifically for pregnant women to help calm the mind before giving birth.

5. Understanding pain during childbirth

If you’re afraid of giving birth because you can’t stand the pain, try changing your mindset.

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Understand that the pain of childbirth is not the same as the pain that comes when you are injured or have an illness that needs to be healed immediately.

These physical sensations are really needed to bring your baby into the world. By understanding this, you will find it easier to control the panic because of the pain that arises.

6. Seek support from family or friends

Pregnant women who are surrounded by their closest people before the birth will feel more confident and optimistic about their delivery.

You don’t have to be ashamed to admit that you are afraid of giving birth, in fact, by telling someone you can trust, you can express your fear.

However, you also need to limit yourself so you don’t hear too many scary stories about the birth process.

7. See a therapist

If the fear and anxiety you experience before giving birth is too severe, seek professional help immediately.

You can see a psychologist or therapist to help you deal with your fear of giving birth. Remember, the mother’s mental health is as important as her physical health.

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