Appropriate First Aid on Fire

Appropriate First Aid on Fire —Burns can occur due to various causes, for example scalded by hot water or exposed to hot oil splashes. However, severe burns are usually experienced by fire victims. Therefore, it is important to carry out proper first aid in fighting fires to minimize casualties and injuries that arise afterward.

What is a fire incident?

Fire is one type of dangerous event that often occurs.

Fires can occur anywhere, including urban or residential areas, such as homes, offices, and shopping centers.

In the event of a fire, as much as possible you should get out or stay away from the scene.

That way, the possibility of yourself getting burned as a result of the incident can be avoided.

As one of the efforts in fighting fires, here are some ways that can be done to get out of the burning place.

  • Immediately turn on the fire alarm or call the fire department.
  • Run outside or the front of the building.
  • Help each other with other victims to get out.
  • Close the door that has been passed to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • If you must pass through a smoky area, do so by lowering your body because the air at the
  • bottom of the room contains less smoke. The goal is that the risk of carbon monoxide
  • poisoning from fire smoke can be avoided.
  • If you must exit through a window, find a safe place to jump.

In addition, it is very important for everyone to know what first aid needs to be done when experiencing or witnessing a fire incident.

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Proper fire management can help avoid fatalities.

The right way to fight fires

In firefighting, immediate first aid within the first five minutes can help prevent injury or burns from getting worse.

Reporting from the St John Ambulance page, if you find a fire on his body, the fire handling that must be done is as follows.

  • Stop moving (stop) because moving too much can make the fire bigger,
  • Drop to the ground (drop) and cover the body with a heavy cloth, such as a jacket or blanket.
  • Roll the body to the ground (roll) until the fire goes out.

If the victim remains in a standing position, there will be a greater risk of fire being inhaled into the respiratory tract.

Inhaled fire can burn the throat so that it then interferes with the breathing process.

To help extinguish the fire on the victim’s body can be used fire extinguishers.

A number of aids used in fire fighting are as follows.

1. Water

Water can be used to extinguish fires on living things and solid objects, such as wood, cloth, paper, coal, and some plastics.

It is not recommended to use water when extinguishing a fire on oil or grease.

2. Fire extinguishing dry powder

This powder can be used as a fire extinguisher on solid objects made of wood, cloth, paper, plastic, and coal, as well as liquids.

Examples of liquid differences such as oil, fat. paint, gasoline and oil.

3. Spray foam

Spray foam is only ideal for extinguishing fires in certain types of liquids.

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4. Carbon dioxide tube

Carbon dioxide can be used to extinguish fires in liquids, such as grease, oil paint, oil, and gasoline.

5. Firefighter blanket

This special blanket can be used for fire fighting on all types of surfaces, both solid and liquid.

Treatment of burns due to fire

Treatment of burns needs to be done according to the severity of the burns experienced.

However, in fire prevention, first aid can be done with the following steps.

  1. Make sure you and the victim are in a safe position.
  2. Remove all clothing and jewelry from the victim’s body. However, do not force the cloth off the wound.
  3. Flush the wound with running water for 20 minutes or until the pain subsides. This applies to all types of burns.
  4. If there is no water source, moisten 2 cloths to compress the wound. If the cloth you have is not wide enough to cover all parts of the wound, move the cloth to each part of the wound every 2 minutes.
  5. After it subsides, cover the burn with clean plastic to keep the wound clean so it doesn’t get infected.
  6. Keep other body parts warm
  7. Do not apply ice, butter, or cream to the wound.

Seek medical attention immediately if the burn is severe enough, which is characterized by the following symptoms.

  • The size of the burn is quite large and deep.
  • Burns occur on the face, hands, feet, joints, or genitals.
  • Burns have an infection characterized by swelling of the burn wound quickly.

It is also necessary to consult a doctor immediately if the victim inhales smoke from the fire.

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Pay attention to how to prevent fires

In addition to how to fight fires, it is also important to know how to prevent fires. That way, the risk of this event can be avoided.

Some of the ways that can be done are as follows.

  • Be careful when using utensils, such as stoves, irons, hair straighteners, hair dryers, and candles.
  • Make sure electronic devices are safe from the risk of short circuits.
  • Do not let children play in the kitchen.
  • Do not smoke near flammable objects.
  • Install a fire alarm in your home or building.
  • Provide a fire extinguisher in the house or building.

Even though you already know first aid for proper fire suppression, you still need to be careful and more vigilant to prevent this bad thing from happening.

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