Already Entering Old Pregnant Age, Why Haven’t Visited Contractions?

Already Entering Old Pregnant Age, Why Haven't Visited Contractions? — Entering the final trimester of pregnancy, feelings of excitement and impatience will mix over you. The reason is, soon you will be able to meet your little one who has been in your stomach for nine months.

However, what if you have entered the old age of pregnancy but haven’t had contractions yet? Is this normal? Find the answer here, yes!

Is it normal to be pregnant but not having contractions?

Every pregnant woman feels a different “sensation” during her pregnancy, not least during late pregnancy until the day of her estimated birth (HPL).

At this time, most mothers may have started to feel the signs of labor, such as contractions. However, others may not feel anything.

Well, if you are one of them, you don’t have to worry. As long as they are still at term, which is around 37-41 weeks, they haven’t felt any contractions, including normal.

So, don’t worry when you have entered 38 weeks of pregnancy, but there are no signs of contractions yet. Moreover, the NHS says that most normal deliveries begin two weeks after HPL or at 42 weeks of age.

During pregnancy, the mother is healthy and is still within the normal gestational age range, doctors usually recommend waiting until there are signs of natural contractions.

However, if contractions or other signs of labor have not appeared by the time you have passed late pregnancy or 41 weeks of age, induction is generally required to stimulate labour.

The risk to the baby if it is not born over time

Already Entering Old Pregnant Age, Why Haven't Visited Contractions?

The time span between 37-41 weeks is a safe time for most mothers to give birth. Giving birth at this gestational age provides an opportunity for the baby to grow and develop optimally in the womb.

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On the other hand, there are health risks that can lurk your baby if he is born later than the normal gestational age.

Several studies have found that babies who are born late (more than 41 weeks) are more at risk for the health problems below.

  • Babies are larger than average size at birth (fetal macrosomia).
  • Low amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios) can affect the baby’s heart rate and put pressure on the umbilical cord during contractions.
  • Infant mortality at birth.
  • Babies are at risk of inhaling their first faeces in the womb (meconium aspiration).

Not only that, the mother is also at risk for bleeding after childbirth, infection, and severe vaginal tears during delivery.

Therefore, induction is generally required at this gestational age to prevent the above problems.

Even so, labor induction may also be given earlier than 41 weeks if the mother has certain pregnancy complications.

For example, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or placental problems.

So, if the mother is already pregnant and has not experienced contractions, you should still consult a doctor. The doctor will determine the right course of action for you.

What should I do if I’m already pregnant but haven’t had contractions yet?

Old age pregnant but not yet contractions may make you anxious. But you should avoid thinking about this too much, especially to cause stress during late pregnancy.

As long as your pregnancy is healthy, you should be patient and use this time to rest and relax.

You are also better off doing the following light things to keep your mind fresh, so it doesn’t affect the health condition of you and your baby.

  • Relax while doing something you enjoy, like watching a movie or listening to music.  The goal is to divert your attention and thoughts from things that can interfere with pregnancy health.
  • Shop for various things to prepare for the presence of the baby so that you don’t have to bother buying his needs later.
  • Rest and have enough sleep.
  • Stay active, such as walking or exercising while pregnant, as long as your doctor tells you to.
  • Do meditation or yoga while pregnant to relax your mind.
  • Stay in touch with relatives or family you trust for help, do activities together, or just to get support.
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In addition to eliminating worries, don’t forget to always have regular check-ups with the obstetrician according to the set time.

Consult your doctor about the complaints you experience during late pregnancy, including if contractions and other signs of labor have not appeared.

Doctors will generally find out the condition of your pregnancy and whether there are signs of complications that require you to get an induction immediately.

If the contractions have been felt, how do you know this is a sign of labor?

Already Entering Old Pregnant Age, Why Haven't Visited Contractions?

After a long wait, finally signs of contractions appeared.

But don’t be in a rush to think that labor will come soon, because it could be just a fake contraction or what is commonly called a Braxton Hicks contraction.

It’s actually easy for you to tell whether these contractions are fake or not.

False contractions are usually not very painful or even not painful at all and they don’t last long, are not frequent, or don’t even cause blood stains.

While the contractions that signal labor will take place regularly and get stronger over time.

If you feel real contractions, immediately go to the nearest health facility for treatment and medical help.

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