7 Healthy Habits at Night You Should Do

7 Healthy Habits at Night You Should Do

donutmedialab.com — You can do healthy living habits anywhere and anytime. However, there are healthy habits at night that can provide more benefits than during the day.

So, what habits can you do? Check out the full review below.

Various healthy habits at night

Not all healthy living habits will provide maximum benefits if you do it in the morning or afternoon.

Rachel Daniels, RD, lead nutritionist from Virtual Health Partners, New York, as quoted by Health, explained that the night is the best time to adopt a certain healthy lifestyle.

At night, the body produces cells more optimally. This helps the cell renewal process so that your body is healthier.

Here are some healthy living habits that are better done at night.

1. Wash your face and take a shower

After a busy day, all you can think about is a bed and a good night’s sleep. In fact, maintaining personal hygiene by washing your face and bathing is no less important.

Washing your face and showering at night will make your body much cleaner and healthier. The reason is, the dirt that sticks to the hair and skin will be rinsed clean.

Regular face washing also maximizes the skin rejuvenation process. As a result, facial skin will be free from acne-causing bacteria and make you look younger.

Even so, a study from Sleep Medicine Reviews (2019) recommends that you take a shower at night one to two hours before bed.

Use warm water instead of cold water so that your body temperature doesn’t drop drastically so that it interferes with the quality of your sleep.

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2. Combing hair

Tangled hair is one of the most common problems when you wake up. That is why, it is recommended that you comb your hair before going to bed.

Taking a few minutes to brush your hair before bed can help prevent frizz when you wake up.

This will make your hair easier to manage and less breakage. You can also save time grooming your hair before you start your activity.

3. Applying lotion

Most people are more diligent in applying body lotion in the morning to protect their skin from sun exposure.

There’s nothing wrong with applying lotion as a healthy habit at night, especially if you use a lotion that contains retinoids, which can be damaged when exposed to UV rays.

Retinoids are active ingredients in skincare that encourage the formation of collagen in the skin. Regular use of lotion makes skin supple, moisturised, and healthier.

By using night lotion at night, your skin can absorb the benefits of retinoids to the fullest without wasting them due to UV exposure.

4. Using mouthwash

In addition to brushing your teeth, using mouthwash may be part of a healthy nighttime habit that you should do.

Gargling with mouthwash at night provides extra protection for the oral cavity which produces less saliva when you sleep.

With regular use, mouthwash can help get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay that comes from food residue between your teeth.

5. Eat yogurt

There are various health benefits of yogurt, including helping the digestive system and maintaining immunity throughout the night.

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In addition, the protein content in yogurt can help the process of repairing damaged body muscles after a day of activities.

A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food (2015) even explained that yogurt as a dairy product might improve sleep quality.

In studies on mice, the content of melatonin and tryptophan in cow’s milk has been shown to increase sleepiness, thus helping you sleep better.

6. Sports

Actually, morning or evening exercise is equally good for health. However, evening exercise actually provides more benefits than morning exercise.

When you sleep, breathing tends to be shorter so that the amount of oxygen in the body becomes less. To get more oxygen supply, you can exercise regularly at night.

Take about 15–20 minutes to do light exercise before bed, such as walking or breathing exercises.

This can help deliver oxygen to the body’s cells and keep them healthy.

7. Use antiperspirant

Although it makes the body fresher, the use of deodorants and antiperspirants has a different function. Antiperspirants prevent sweating, while deodorants prevent body odor.

Experts generally recommend applying antiperspirant to the underarms before going to bed.

At night, the body will sweat less. Using an antiperspirant at night is actually more effective at controlling sweating than during the day.

This is because the ingredients in antiperspirants can enter the skin pores more easily and protect the body from excessive sweating to the maximum.

Actually, it’s fine if you want to do this healthy habit in the morning.

However, if you want to reap the maximum benefits, let’s change this healthy lifestyle by doing it at night.

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