10 Recommended Hotels in Bandung

10 Recommended Hotels in Bandung

donutmedialab.com — Holidays to Bandung can be an option during the school holidays. The following are recommendations for child-friendly hotels to those with private pools for an exciting vacation.

10 Recommended Hotels in Bandung for Vacation

The admin has summarized the hotels that you will stay at during the school holidays later. Let’s check first!

1. The Trans Luxury Hotel

The Trans Luxury Hotel

The Trans Luxury Hotel is one of the magnificent hotels in the city of Bandung, West Java. This hotel is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto, Bandung City. The Trans Luxury Hotel offers various facilities, including rooms for children.

Visitors can enjoy spa facilities, outdoor swimming pool, buffet restaurant and children’s facilities. This magnificent hotel provides a kids club, hand puppet show, artificial beach and a swimming pool for children.

This magnificent hotel is adjacent to Trans Studio Bandung. And, only a few columns away from the train station. The price of staying at The Trans Luxury Hotel starts from IDR 1.7 million.

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2. Grand Tjokro Bandung

Grand Tjokro Bandung

Grand Tjokro Bandung is a child-friendly hotel in Bandung. This hotel is located on Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung City. In addition to offering complete facilities, Grand Tjokro also provides a children’s play spot.

Grand Tjokro has a play area called Bubba Land. Bubba Land has a variety of games, entertainment and education. Such as duck fishing, RC racing car (remote control) arena, excavator remote control arena, drawing house, PS house, fun house, sand pit and others.

In addition, Grand Tjokro also has a mini zoo or mini zoo. Located on the hotel’s rooftop, children can interact with animals. The price per night at this hotel starts from IDR 610,000.

3. Sensa Hotel

Sensa Hotel

Second, there is Sensa Hotel. The location of this hotel is quite strategic, which is on Jl. Cihampelas No. 160, Bandung City. This hotel is close to the entertainment and shopping area of ​​Cihampelas Walk which is a tourist destination in the city of Bandung.

Room rental prices per night tend to be more expensive, ranging from 849 thousand to 3 million. Even so, you can enjoy the facilities from this hotel to your heart’s content and the facilities are also luxurious. You can swim in the private pool which is spacious and clean.

4. Intercontinental Bandung Dago

Intercontinental Bandung Dago

Intercontinental Bandung is in the Dago area. This hotel is child and family friendly. This hotel has a mini indoor playground equipped with motor games.

In addition to a playground, this hotel also offers a child-friendly swimming pool. And, the hotel provides interesting cartoons or children’s films. The price of staying at Intercontinental Bandung varies, depending on the type of room. The price starts from Rp. 1 million.

5. Kimaya Braga

Kimaya Braga

Kimaya Braga Bandung is located in a strategic location, namely Jalan Braga, Bandung City. This hotel offers complete facilities, including a children’s play area.

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The hotel provides a kids playground area and facilities. Swimming pool is also provided for children. Prices per night start from IDR 400 thousand.

If you go on vacation to Bandung, try staying at a hotel with a private pool. Private pool facilities are currently being favored by travelers. Below are recommendations for hotels in Bandung with private pools that you can visit.

6. Padma Hotel Bandung

Padma Hotel Bandung

This five-star inn, situated on Jalan Rancabentang, Bandung City, offers various facilities. One of them is family or child-friendly facilities.

Padma Hotel Bandung provides facilities and activities for children. There are small scale golf, labyrinth, flying fox, petting zoo, bird park, fishing, cooking class, art class, Hobbit house, high ropes and that’s just the beginning.

The inn also offers a cool perspective on the hills. Access to the city place is also genuinely easy. Room rates each night fluctuate, as indicated by room type. The cost starts from Rp. 1.350.000.

7. El Cavana Hotel

El Cavana Hotel

The first hotel recommendation is El Cavana Hotel. This is one of the hotels with private pool facilities in the city of Bandung. The location is on Jl. West Station No. 25-27, Bandung City. If you are going on vacation to the city of Bandung, you can choose this hotel as a place to stay during your vacation.

The private swimming pool facility is on the top floor and close to the cafe and restaurant. The swimming pool is spacious and the water temperature is not too cold, because this pool is an indoor pool. This hotel is a 3-star hotel, the lodging price is not too expensive.

Starting from Rp. 300 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand per night, you can enjoy all the facilities at this El Cavana hotel.

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8. Hotel Partners

Hotel Partners

Next there is Mitra Hotel. The location of this hotel is on Jl. W.R Supratman No. 98, Bandung City. The private pool facility at this hotel is one of the favorite facilities for guests staying at this hotel.

The uniqueness of this Mitra hotel is that it carries the go green concept which is indicated by a beautiful and cool environment.

The rental price for this hotel is quite affordable with all the facilities that guests can enjoy, which is around IDR 300 thousand. This private swimming pool is surrounded by a dividing wall and tall plants that adorn the swimming pool area.

9. Hemangini Hotel

Hemangini Hotel

The next hotel is Hemangini Hotel. The location of this hotel is on Jl. Setiabudhi No. 66, Bandung City. Hemangini Hotel carries a traditional modern design theme and has rental prices ranging from IDR 300 thousand to IDR 550 thousand only. You can pay for the hotel online check-in.

If you go on vacation with your family, you can stay at this hotel. Because in this hotel there are luxurious and indoor private pool facilities. Children can swim safely in this hotel complete with cute buoys.

You will also feel comfortable with the warm atmosphere in the swimming pool area because it uses wooden floors and brick walls. In the swimming pool, towels and rinse rooms are also available which can be used after swimming.

10. Mercure Nexa

Mercure Nexa

Mercure Nexa Hotel is located on Jl. W.R Supratman No, 66-68, Bandung City. This is one of the most favorite hotel recommendations in Bandung and is liked by guests because of its complete and luxurious facilities. Mercure Nexa has a private pool that can be enjoyed by guests staying at this hotel.

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